Product Labels

To Our Valued Customers:

In caring for your lawn, plants and trees, we use a number of pesticides, which are registered with the Department of Environmental Conservation.  All of these products are applied by or under the direct supervision of a Certified Pesticide Applicator and in strict accordance with label instructions.  Please understand that these materials are significantly diluted before application. Granular products are applied in their original forms as specified on the label.

In conformance with New York State law, we have made the product information available here on our website.  Click on the product names below. You can view or print any of the labels for the products listed. Please feel free to contact Michael Grimm, Mike Macro or Ron Rogers if you have any questions or concerns.

Allectus .225 Insecticide Plus
Bandit 2F
Criterion 2F
Cross Check Plus
Cyonara 9.7
Dimension 0.15 12-0-0
Dimension .15% Plus Fertilizer
Dimension 2EW Herbicide
Drive XLR8
Dylox 6.2 Insecticide
Eagle 20EW
Eliminate LO Herbicide
Floramite Miticide
Flowable Mancozeb
Horticultural Oil
Junction Fungicide/Bactericide
M Pede
Merit .2 Plus Fertilizer
Merit .2 Plus Turf Fertilizer
Onyx Insecticide
Orthene Insecticide
Acephate 97UP
Pentathlon LF Fungicide

Permethrin E Pro Insecticide
Pre-M 1.5% Plus Fertilizer
Pre M .86% Plus Fertilizer
Prosecutor Non Selective Herbicide
Safari 2G
Sevin SL Insecticide
Spectator Ultra 1.3 Fungicide
Stonewall .43% Plus Fertilizer
Spotrete F
T-Storm Flowable Fungicide
Tempo SC
Three Way Selective Herbicide
Three Way Herbicide
Tick Free Repellents
Turf King Imida-lambda
Turf King Dithiopyr 13-0-5
Turf King 0-0-7
Q&A About Tick-Free repellents
Tree Age Insecticide