Michael Grimm Services

4195 Lafayette Rd
Jamesville, NY 13078
Phone: 315-477-0124
Fax: 315-477-1286

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Main Office – Scheduling and Business Operations: 
Heather Brady –hbrady@mgscny.com Phone: 315-477-0124
Dan Deyle, President, email: dan@mgscny.com, Phone: 315-633-6029

General Maintenance Department:
Mike Macro (Mac), Property Maintenance, email:mjmac55@gmail.com,
Phone: 315-633-4827
Ron Rogers, Sales/Property Maintenance, email: rrogersmgs@gmail.com,
Phone: 315-633-4998
Johnny Schrader, General Maintenance, email: jschrader@mgscny.com,
Phone: 315-633-4830

Landscape Department:
Eric Vierow, Landscape Sales, email:evierow@mgscny.com
Phone: 315-633-6024, x-113
Matt Vidler, Designer/Sales Landscape, email: mvidler@mgscny.com,
Phone: 315-633-6026

Tree Department:
Dan Deyle
, Tree Dept, email: dan@mgscny.com, Text or Phone: 315-633-6029
John Masias, Tree Sales, email: jmasias@mgscny.com, Phone: 315-633-6044
Nick Schrader, Tree Sales, email: nschrader@mgscny.com, Phone: 315-633-6041
Nolan Mahar, Tree Dpt, email: nmaher@cnymgs.com