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Service is part of our name and the central concept in our business plan. We want to provide you with all your landscaping, tree care, and lawn maintenance needs. We are a year-round service company. Call us to take care of your next project!

Tree Care
Removal, Pruning, Cabling/Bracing, Stump Grinding, Risk Assessment.

Our staff of Certified Arborists can help you and the trees on your property by identifying health and safety concerns, our trained climbers and equipment operators can safely prune the smallest ornamentals or remove the largest hazardous trees. We care about your property, so we leave it cleaner than when we start.

What you can expect when doing business with our Tree Care Division:

1. We will be on time for our appointments.

2. You will receive a written estimate.

3. You will be notified before the crew shows up.

4. All work will be performed to industry standards and will be performed by qualified personnel.

5. The crew leader will perform a walk around inspection before and after the job


To Our Valued Customers:

In caring for your lawn, plants, and trees, we use a number of pesticides, which are registered with the Department of Environmental Conservation.  All of these products are applied by or under the direct supervision of a Certified Pesticide Applicator and in strict accordance with label instructions.  Please understand that these materials are significantly diluted before application. Granular products are applied in their original forms as specified on the label.

In conformance with New York State law, we have a list of the pesticides and fertilizers that may be used on your property this year on our Product Label page.

Property Maintenance

Lawn Mowing

Our mowing crew leaders have combined mowing experience of over 25 years! They know and understand lawns. Our equipment is new and properly maintained. We do a complete job including trimming edges and blowing off the walks and driveway. Regardless of the size of your property, we will have it looking great every week. Give us a call. Let us quote you a price.


How often should my lawn be cut?


At times of active growth, lawns should be cut every week to a height of 2 1/2 – 3 inches. Ideally only 1/3 of the grass blade should be removed in one mowing.


Should my grass clippings be collected?


Removal of clippings also means removal of nitrogen from the lawn. It is better to chop up and disperse the clippings so they may return nutrients to your lawn. The leaf blade of your grass is actually 80% water and 5% nitrogen. Mulching can reduce the amount of fertilizer you have to apply to your lawn and it helps provide the soil with increased ground cover to hold moisture. Our company uses special mowers with mulching blades that return the grass clippings to the lawn through a continuous cut and re-cut motion. This process eventually drops the finely cut clippings back into the lawn, not onto the lawn. Leaving clippings does not lead to a build-up of thatch.

Shrub Trimming

The shrubs and trees that accent your property are a living, growing asset to your home and property. We have certified arborists and certified landscape professionals who can prune and trim your shrubs correctly. Whether you like a formal look to your property or a more natural appearance, we can do either. Our team will do a thorough job from recommending when the proper time to trim will be to a complete clean-up of debris.

Edge & Mulch

Michael Grimm Services strongly recommends installing a new edge on beds as well as installing a top-dressing (1″) of fresh mulch over all garden areas on a yearly basis.


Plant Health Care

Taking care of your investment pays off in the long run!

We recommend a 3-year fertilization program for newly planted trees and shrubs. After they are established, fertilization is recommended if plants do not thrive or show a nutrient deficiency. Plants in soils with a high pH may be unable to utilize micro-nutrients even when they are present. In these cases, we sometimes need to micro-inject nutrients or modify soil pH if practical.


Q. How does Tick Free & Mosquito Free work?

A.    The cedar oil acts as a pheromone interruption agent that impairs their mental capacity and is the residual repellent for 30+ days depending on the saturation. Our raspberry bio-solvent eats through the insects exoskeleton and eradicates it. Eliminates the egg and larvae. The fatty soap acts as a sticker to the insect.

Q. How often should Tick Free or Mosquito-Free be applied?

A.     Every 30 days depending on infestation and saturation. If you are spraying for mosquitoes we recommend that you spray the first application then return in 15 days for a second application. Then resume to every 21- 30 days.

Q.   Can  Tick Free & Mosquito Free be sprayed in the rain?

A.     You can spray in light rain conditions. Don’t spray in heavy downpours. The product will just runoff. Even if rain is expected 1 day after an application the product will stay because of our natural soap ingredient.

Q.    Can Tick Free & Mosquito Free be sprayed near ponds or streams?

A.     You can spray near ponds or steams but do not spray directly into any body of water.

Q.    Is Tick Free or Mosquito-Free harmful around children or animals?

A.     Both Tick Free & Mosquito free are non-toxic to humans and most domestic animals. Yards can be used within 15 minutes of spraying to allow drying time.

Q.   Does Tick Free or Mosquito-Free cause discoloration when sprayed?

A.    No, Tick Free & Mosquito Free does not cause discoloration and is safe for sidewalks, foundations, swing sets etc.

This is a product from Garden Girl. More information is available at Garden Girl Repellents

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Let us design, install and maintain the garden of your dreams. It is a delight to be surrounded by nature’s unfolding beauty. As the seasons progress you can immerse yourself in the changing display of color and scents as you walk through your own garden. We can do it all or help you with whatever chores you need. We can help you develop and maintain a wonderful garden of your own.


Whether you want a patio, walkway, new planting or a lawn renovation, we have the knowledgeable staff to design a project to meet your needs. Large or small, we will work with you to create a beautiful project. We guarantee our work and we know you will be satisfied because we value our customers and we work hard to make everything right. Call us at 477-0124 to book an appointment and have your next landscape project done right by Michael Grimm Services.


- Seasonal Contracts
- Experienced operators
- Maintained equipment
- Loader and dump truck available
- Sidewalk and step shoveling
- Residential driveways
- Commercial parking lots